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The Paragon Promise

At Paragon Luxury Wheels our primary concern is your safety and long term enjoyment of your selection of the products we produce. Our wheel brands are produced to some of the highest engineering standards in the world (Germany’s TUV, Japan’s JWL, and US D.O.T.) to insure your safety. We utilize state-of-the-art equipment for CNC drilling, milling, machining, painting, and x-ray technology. Every wheel produced is 100% leak-tested prior to shipping. Each wheel is visually inspected by hand prior to boxing to insure your satisfaction.
The Paragon Promise warrants to the original owner/purchaser that our products will be free from defects in materials, workmanship, and finish:

• Structural Defects: Lifetime
• Painted Finishes (base, top, clear-coats): Three years from date of purchase
• PVD Finishes: Two years from date of purchase for separation (scratches due to improper cleaning excluded)
• Chrome: Two years from date of purchase
• Accessories (caps, screws, etc): One year from date of purchase

This warranty applies to all Paragon Luxury Wheel (Toxic Off-Road, Rosso Wheels & Kronik LifeStyle) products purchased on or after January 1, 2018. All products produced prior are warranted for life for structural defects, and one year for all else. Proof of purchase must be provided.

This warranty assumes all products are used under “normal and reasonable use”. Damages due to racing, severe off-road use, modification, road hazards, or over-loading are specifically excluded and become the user’s responsibility. Wheels sold as “Blems” are excluded from all but our Structural warranty. Warranty is limited to the repair, or replacement of defective products only, at the discretion of Paragon Luxury Wheels. Wheels will not be replaced solely due to defective accessories. Charges for shipping, mounting, dismounting, balancing, inconvenience, or other damages, are the responsibility of the owner. Final determination of eligibility under this warranty will take place only at Paragon Luxury Wheels facilities.

If a vehicle owner ever has any questions or concerns regarding any of Paragon Luxury Wheels’ products, we urge them to return to the installing or qualified wheel dealer for thorough inspection. Paragon Luxury Wheels promises to cooperate with all servicing dealers to resolve any owner concerns regarding our products, regardless of where product was purchased.

We recommend regular washing and care, using only soft cloths designed for automotive finishes. Many chemicals on the market may cause harm to the finish, please use caution as chemical damage is not covered under this warranty.

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