About Us


Mission Statement:


The primary goal of Paragon Luxury Wheels is to provide select dealers and distributors with a high quality product that they may resell with confidence and profitability. We do not strive to be the biggest supplier in the market, just the favorite supplier of our customers due to the value that we return to them overall. We do not seek to be “the cheapest”, nor “the most expensive”, but rather to provide a great “value” to our customers and retail vehicle owners. We shall endeavor to provide the market with a variety of desirable wheel styles, in various fitments and finishes, which the public will seek out. We pledge to actively market our products to the public on behalf of our dealers, but not compete with our dealers. The basic daily drivers of our vision are:

-We shall sell only safe products that meet or exceed industry standards. We shall never compromise vehicle safety for the sake of short-term profit.
-We shall treat each customer, and supplier with honesty and respect.
-We will deliver on what we promise, and if we should stumble we will make up for it, to the best of our ability.
-We will own up to our mistakes, fix them, and move forward – being the wiser for it.
-We will value the supplier-customer relationship to the fullest extent. We desire for our customers and suppliers to successful, thereby insuring our success.
-We will treat all associates with honesty, respect, and career guidance. We shall provide them with fair wages and benefits, and care about their well-being. We shall empower them to make decisions, and stand by those decisions.
-We will strive to return a fair profit to our investors to repay them for their confidence in our abilities.
-We will be good corporate citizens in the communities that we operate in.


The Team Behind the Brand:

All of us have worked for some of the largest wholesalers and wheel brands in the industry. We have compiled a team of the best of the best in the industry. We will provide the best customer service experience in the wheel business and are driven knowing we would not be here without you.