The Paragon Advantage

Paragon Luxury Wheels aims to provide quality, safety, and style in various forms of alloy wheels. While style may subjective, quality and safety are not elective at Paragon. All of our products are built to some of the highest automotive standards in the world. Our manufacturing facility has passed testing for German T.U.V., Japanese JWL, and US D.O.T. standards, as well as having multiple ISO-certifications. We always use “high virgin content” aluminum alloys for consistent quality, rather than increase “recycled content” and lowering costs. This allows Paragon’s brands to appear brighter than some other brands. 100% of our wheels are leak-tested, x-rayed, and checked for conformity prior to boxing. To insure you of having made the right choice in alloy wheels, we back all our wheels with an industry leading warranty – The Paragon Promise. We thank you for considering a purchase of our products.

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